Using Community to Grow your Podcast and Business

4:00 pm
Room 183
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It’s often stated that podcast listeners are loyal. The best shows are ones they make us feel connected to a larger group of like-minded people. That is why community and podcasting to hand in hand. When a listener feels a personal connection to a show, they’re much more likely to love it. But then what? Most podcasters point listeners towards their social channels or to a dedicated email address after the show. Listeners want opportunities to interact with you and it’s also important to create a space where they can interact with each other too. And Facebook groups are no longer working. This session will also share a case study of how one podcaster used community to get to Top 10 on the iTunes charts.

Join this session to learn how to use community to drive listeners to your podcast and how to use your podcast to drive members to your community and clients to your business.

Stacy is an Award Winning Global Producer, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Master Podcast Trainer. From sales strategy to working with key business executives to marketing, Stacy was at the hub of it all. She was able to sit with key executives to talk about business strategy and work closely with corporate branding, marketing and sales.

Key Take Aways

  • How community can help grow a podcast.
  • How to get listeners to join your community.
  • Why it's important for listeners to have access to you in a community.
  • How to build an engaging community (not a facebook group) your listeners want to be part of.
  • What the best Call to Action is for your show to grow your business.
Intermediate Social Media & Marketing Session

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